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Budget:         XX Important:  Approved. Pre-construction Developer:  Allied Properties REIT About:           “Union Centre will be a connected and convenient workplace, complete with advanced state-of-the-art, smart systems and features.” Focus on sustainability: “With a mandate for excellence in sustainability, it will not only provide exceptional energy efficiency but will also offer an environment that is focused on human comfort, health and productivity.” “As of 2015 the building had received zoning approval from the city to be built at the intersection of Lower Simcoe Street and Station Street. It will stand just south…

Budget:         $1.1 billion US Important:   Construction began in 2015 and is expected to end by 2024. Overall, the Essex Crossing megaproject is comprised of nine sites spread out over six acres. Developer:   L+M Development Partners, Taconic Investment Partners and BFC Partners are developing Essex Crossing About:        June 15, 2017: “The first part of the project, which broke ground in 2015, will be done this October: a 14-story building near the entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge with 99 units of affordable senior housing, including apartments for as low as $396 a month. So far 60,000 people have entered that lottery…

Budget:         $20 billion US Important:   Under construction - expected to be completed in 2024. Hudson Yards is a 28-acre mega-development that contains 33 smaller projects. Developer:     Related Companies, Oxford Properties Group Inc. Collingwood Inc. About:        “The new neighborhood is expected to be completed in 2024, and will be comprised of residential units, retail, restaurants, office buildings, and a public square. The area will stretch from 30th to 41st streets and 10th and 11th avenues in Manhattan. Costing an estimated …

Budget:         $1.5 billion US dollars Important:     Expected to be finished in 2022. Developer:     Kilroy Realty Corp. About:        “The proposed, 7.5-acre project is one of the best situated in San Francisco’s pipeline. It will sit a block west of the under-construction Central Subway’s only ground-level station, at Brannan and 4th streets. It’s also in the heart of tech-heavy SoMa. Once built, the Flower Mart will be second in size only to San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center. After much political debate about the future of the Flower Mart, developer Kilroy has promised to spend $80 million to build a new flower market,…

Budget:       $1 billion US Important:   Project have been approved by city, construction is expected to begin 2018 and take approximately 10 years. Developer:   Forest City Enterprises About:        “Comprised of three towers, the 5M development will cover four acres between 5th, Mission, and Howard streets in downtown San Francisco. “Construction was slated to begin in late 2016, but in January 2016, two months after San Francisco approved the project, local activists sued the city over it. 

Budget:       $1.35 billion US Important:   Developers say that the master plan may evolve. Construction is said to begin soon, and the project is expected to be completed by 2035. Developer:     Parkmerced Investors LLC, led by New York developer Mark Karasick. About:        “Over 5,679 new housing units will stretch across 152 acres when Parkmerced is complete around 2035. While the developers say the masterplan may evolve, it currently includes 230,0…
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