North America

Nordic City Solutions is a trade promotion initiative to connect Nordic experts and solutions in sustainable urban development with North American development projects.

Since kicking off the project in early 2018, Nordic City Solutions have worked with a number of Cities and Private Development partners across both Canada and the United States. The Nordic Trade Promotion organizations have representation or a trade presence in every major market in North America and can provide a local connection to US and Canadian partners.

Nordic City Solutions is about finding a way to created shared value, working with local US or Canadian businesses to connect and collaborate with Nordic partners to create a solution that presents a strong business case, fit local urban development needs and offers the development a competitive advantage against both market and climate conditions.

North American urban development partners - Cities, NGO’s, Private Developers – who are interested in collaboration should contact Nordic City Solutions.

Urban Labs – A collaborative 1.5-2 day workshop between Nordic and North American partners around a development topic

Hackathons – A digital collaboration to problem-solve a local challenge on your development site digitally

Conferences – Nordic experts for panel discussions, facilitation and

B2B Match-Making - between Nordic and local US-based and Canadian-based businesses (joint venture partnerships and shared value creation)

City-to-City Partnerships - between Nordic and North American Cities

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