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Budget:         $160 Million CAD (first phase) Important:   In the end of January 2017, city councillors gave the green light for the in-depth planning of the project to begin. The city plans to expand infrastructure and make bus-only lanes Developer:   City of Ottawa About:        “If federal and provincial funding comes through, construction could begin by 2020 on the $140-million stretch between Baseline Station at Algonquin College and the Heron Station near Billings Bridge.” “A second leg from Baseline Station, west to Bayshore Shopping Centre, is on the books to be built after 2031.” “The project, envisioned to be buil…

Budget:         $1 billion CAD Important:   “Sidewalk Labs is an Alphabet company that imagines, designs, tests, and builds urban innovations to help cities meet their biggest challenges.” Sitewalk Labs is contemplating building a 3 million square foot operations hub in Quayside. About:        Title of the article: “Toronto could become home to world’s first ‘smart city’ “Alphabet first applied to develop the 12-acres of land in downtown Toronto back in May. According to a new report from the

Budget:          TBD Important:   Long term development project with different sites. First construction phases have begun Developer:    TBD About:        “The first 214 housing units has been available in 2018. When fully built over the next 15 to 20 years, Wateridge Village will house 10,000 residents and employ as many as 2,600 people.” “The layout is intended to provide safe and appealing alternatives to cars through a network of sidewalks, cycle tracks and pathways. However, the community is not on a planned rapid transit network, raising concerns about transportation.” Source: Jan 05, 2017:

Budget:         $360 million CAD Important:     Construction is expected to begin in 2019 Developer:     Lamb Development Corp. in corporation with Movengo Developments About:        “Mixed-used condo project with two connected towers, 40 and 30-storeys plus, 618 units in all, and a retail component. Heritage mansion to be preserved on site.” “The Television City project, valued at $360 million, will contain 619 units in connected towers of 40 and 30 storeys on 44,000 square feet of property. Other proposed features include restaurants, an infinity pool, fitness centre, sky club and public access parkland. Lamb also plans to…

New York City protection barrier with multi-functional spaces by BIG.…

Budget:         TBD Important:     In August 2017 the project proposal was submitted Developer:     Dollecdev About:        “The proposal for 30 Tippett includes two residential buildings of 13 and 14 storeys, combining for a total of 521 residential units. Headed by developers Collecdev, the two buildings are designed by gh3, and come with a 1,554-square-metre public park located in the northeast corner of the site, corresponding with dedicated parklands in the adjacent proposal at 4-6 Tippett.” “30 Ti…


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Hammarby Sjöstad is an international award winning sustainable urban development in Stockholm that transports all waste from residents underground in pipes.…

Expected to be finished in 2021, the Svart Hotel in Norway’s Arctic Circle will be the worlds first energy-positive hotel.…

In Svartsengi, renewable methanol is produced from carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and electricity for energy storage, fuel applications, and efficiency enhancement. …

City Redevelopment Event Interview with Norwegian Aiwell…

The largest geothermal power station in the world has been built in Iceland. "Hellisheidi" produces about 303 MW of electricity and up to 400 MW of thermal energy.…

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