Challenge B - Urban Food Scarcity, Security and Sustainability at Upper Harbor Terminal

Challenge Owners:

United Properties (LINK)

Challenge Description:

The Upper Harbor Terminal project (LINK) is the largest single-owner development remaining on the Mississippi River. Located on a 48-acre riverfront park in north Minneapolis, this mixed-use community has a special focus on community-led change in partnership with the owner, United Properties and includes a planned community hub, light industrial complex and a mix of residential.

Food scarcity, security and sustainability is a major issue facing communities in the north side of the City of Minneapolis. The Upper Harbor Terminal (UHT) project has a plan to bring food and agriculture to this project as part of a larger ecosystem/network of needed solutions in order to create a diverse, sustainable and thriving community.

This hackathon challenge will have teams consisting of key community partners from UHT, the Northside and Nordic partners collaborating on solutions for food scarcity, security and sustainability to determine how these solutions can complement and build on important work already done in the community to date. Nordic-American solutions should build on the development of a broader ecosystem for both the site and Northside community to create a healthier and sustainable food system and network.

Successful teams will have the opportunity to implement solutions in partnership with the Developer and community organizations in one of the US’s largest agro-food business hubs (Minneapolis).


Innovative community food security solutions / technology and urban farming techniques.

Experts in Demand:

Urban farming, greenhouse design and equipment, food security, landscape architecture, food-waste experts

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