Challenge #2 - Olmsted County Waste-to-Energy Facility Material Recovery Strategy

Challenge Owners:

Olmsted County & City of Rochester, Minnesota

Challenge Description:

Olmsted County is presently in the process of planning and preliminary design for a material recovery facility (MRF) adjacent to the existing Olmsted Waste-to-Energy Facility (OWEF) located in Rochester, MN. The MRF Project would allow the removal of specific, non-combustible target materials (e.g., ferrous metal, aluminium, others) from the municipal solid waste stream, before waste combustion, as well as being capable of accepting and sorting single-stream recyclables from the surrounding region.

Olmsted County are faced with unique site constraints for the MRF which present a challenge for the development. Hackathon teams will be asked to evaluate and present options for potential site building design with consideration for:

1. Space constraints - how could an MRF be situated most efficiently on the site;
2. Transportation of the combustible material to OWEF; and
3. Recommended solutions for equipment including, but not limited to, shredders, bag breakers, trommel screens, ballistic separators, magnets, optical sorters, disc screens, robotics, transfer conveyors, and balers.

Successful Nordic-American teams will have the opportunity to influence design and be a part of procurement in the construction of the material recovery center at the Olmsted Waste-to-Energy


Unique site conditions which present an opportunity for technology or re-thinking of the material sorting, transportation and overall design.

Experts in Demand:

Waste fractioning systems and technologies, fraction cleaning, bailing equipment, waste-to-energy, combined heat and power waste processing solutions.

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