Challenge A - Minneapolis: East Plymouth Energy and Climate Innovation Corridor

Challenge Owners:

Renewable Energy Partners, Jamez Staples & EPIC Corridor Community in North Minneapolis, MN

Challenge Description:

Over the last two and a half years, REP and a group of development partners have created the North Minneapolis Community Microgrid project with a focus on incorporating equity, community ownership benefits and technology innovation into community-scale projects in a low-income, racially diverse urban neighbourhood. The project has made significant strides in creating a sustainable, thriving, resilient and clean community as part of a larger vision for the East Plymouth Innovation Corridor (EPIC).

The EPIC corridor partners are looking for Nordic-American teams to design strategy for community energy and climate actions which:

• Builds on the solar micro-grid to further develop energy generation and storage systems and other advanced energy systems integrated as resilient energy infrastructure. This “cluster” of microgrid systems could eventually include 8-10 buildings in a 12-block area.
• Successful solutions should include efficient and cost effective battery storage solutions, heat pump systems, and other related energy solutions to complement the solar arrays in-process and to be further developed as part of new building construction;
• Addresses future transportation needs including integrated electric vehicle charging infrastructure and last-mile transportation solutions and technology tied to major transit improvements coming to the area;
• Addresses storm water management solutions for sites development and buildings as a district-wide approach to stormwater.
• Includes a community employment training center with related workforce development and skills training for youth and young adults.

The project is in a federal Opportunity Zone and has other incentives for renewable energy systems that could support 30-50% of total project costs over the next five years.

Nordic-American solutions will lead the development partnership and create solutions to be pitched to the Community, Developer and State for further funding opportunities and development realization.


A community-based approach to an energy network and climate mitigation solutions ready for implementation.

Experts in Demand:

Batteries, micro grid, community energy, geothermal, energy monitoring solutions, electric vehicle charging stations, storm water management solutions (district approach), how to integrate additional transportation modes that radiate out from transit locations (i.e. local mobility needs – electric bikes, electric cars, automous, last-mile solutions)

Background Information:
- Solar entrepreneur aims to bring jobs, training to North Minneapolis
- Raising Places – Plymouth Avenue Corridor

Challenge 1 North Minneapolis EPIC Corridor

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Challenge 1 North Minneapolis EPIC Corridor 1

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