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Nordic Sustainable Cities is engaging with various cities across North America, 8 major cities in particular;
The objective of the Nordic Sustainable Cities initiative is to visualise and export innovative solutions for urban spaces and cities in North America and we would like to work with you! Read more about the opportunity and why you should join us below:

North American Stakeholders Nordic Companies
  • Cat Huang</br>Architect, BIG

    It wasn't untill we started working internationally that we realised how fundamental it is for Nordic Architects to think about everyone's access to views, daylight, and a social life.

    Cat Huang</br>Architect, BIG


  • Andras Simonyi (From the book Nordic Ways)

    No nations have come so far in providing that decoupling ecological degradation and climate change from economic growth is possible, yet still have good living conditions in advanced societies.

    Andras Simonyi (From the book Nordic Ways)


Why join Nordic Sustainable Cities?
By joining the Nordic Sustainable Cities initiative, you will get access to market knowledge and a platform from where you can form valuable partnerships with other Nordic companies to build a stronger presence abroad and increase competitiveness.

Why look to North America?
The speed and scale of urbanization in many cities across North America brings challenges for which Nordic countries have innovative solutions. Add more - and numbers.

Read more about the North American market and why it presents great business opportunities below.

Join us on our journey towards sustainability!

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