Challenge D - Hillcrest Eco-Loop Development

Challenge Owners:

Saint Paul Port Authority (LINK) and the City of Saint Paul

Challenge Description:

The Hillcrest Golf Course in Saint Paul, MN is in the planning stages of redeveloped by the Saint Paul Port Authority over the next 10 years (details available here (LINK)). The site is approximately 45 hectares (112 acres) and is slated to be developed as a mix of land uses, largely focused on multi-family housing (1,000 units), light industrial businesses (1,000 jobs / 1 million square feet), green/open/park space and wetlands and stormwater amenities. The site will likely be pre-certified to a high level of sustainability under the US Green Building Council’s LEED for Communities – Silver (LINK) designation in the next 2-3 months. The project is also pursuing a path to develop as a carbon free community for buildings, travel and infrastructure.

The developer (Saint Paul Port Authority) has a keen interest in development of an intentional eco-industrial business park at Hillcrest. This Challenge will ask Nordic-American teams to prepare proposed solutions for the development, which would include:

• A light-industrial ecology loop / industrial symbiosis proposal, including potential manufacturing tenants/businesses sharing resources, raw materials, waste products, inputs/outputs, energy, etc.
• Market and industry sector research to inform business recruitment
• A industrial eco-loop plan daylighting and aligning the complex web of real estate, manufacturing, workforce, logistics, and timing
• Proposal showing integration with surrounding mixed use residential

Successful proposals from the hackathon will have the opportunity for further procurement in the development of the Hillcrest site eco-loop and land development process. Construction is slated to begin on the Hillcrest development in 2022.


Nordic industrial eco-loop models for US-based community implementation.

Experts in Demand:

Industrial eco-loop, circular economy, industrial symbiosis, waste management, district energy, manufacturing supply-chain, urban planning, master planning, economic-development and business model experts.

Supporting documentation on the Hillcrest redevelopment is available here (LINK).

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