Budget:         $1.25 billion CAD

Important:   Seven years construction timeline (Port Lands Flood Protection

and Enabling Infrastructure Due Diligence Report)

Developer:   TBD

About:           “The DMNP will ultimately transform the existing mouth of the Don River, including the Keating Channel, into a healthier, more naturalized river outlet, while simultaneously providing critical flood protection to 240 ha of Toronto’s eastern waterfront.”

“A proposal to flood protect, plan and develop the Port Lands and surrounding area has been a major focus for Waterfront Toronto since it was created. In addition to flood protecting the Port Lands, planning for the area needed to address a number of requirements and significant technical challenges such as municipal servicing infrastructure, urban design and a lack of suitable and modern transportation infrastructure. The Port Lands Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure Project is the culmination of years of planning and offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges.

When complete, the project will create two new outlets for the Don River – a 1,000-metre river valley and a greenway – that will safely convey flood waters into Lake Ontario and create a brand new island community called Villiers Island. It will also create infrastructure such as roads, bridges and services to support development on Villiers Island, as well as create 29 hectares of naturalized area in the river valley, new parks and 14 hectares (34 acres) of aquatic habitat.”


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